The Smart Backpack

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According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, over 100,000 laptops are stolen from college students each year. This number is likely much higher, as many students do not report their laptops stolen.

In addition, over 50,000 bags are stolen from college students each year. These thefts can have a significant financial impact on students, as they often have to replace their stolen belongings.

Introducing The Smart Backpack from Rachel Bloom powered by Lockus anti-theft technology, designed, developed and manufactured in the USA and Canada.

Our stunning anti-theft backpack is beautifully designed and crafted using the finest full-grain pebbled leather and is full of amazing smart features.

Developed over 5 years, our Smart Backpack includes the following:

  • Slash Resistant Inner Lining
  • Biometric Fingerprint Lock (store up to 25 fingerprints)
  • 'Track My Bag' GPS Integration Optional
  • GPS Data Included For First Year Only Learn More
  • Distance Monitoring Alarms
  • Locate Bag Alarm Notification
  • Mobile App Connectivity (iOS and Android)
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Apple AirTag Tracking Device Pocket
  • Additional/Backup Login (friend/family)
  • Pin & Password Failsafes
  • USB Charger Included

We have created our first luxury wearables brand, blending anti-theft technology with high-end aesthetics to help you look fabulous while feeling confident and secure.

Our products are patent protected in the USA and patent pending in Canada, The UK, Australia, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.