Our Founder

''It's happened to me, it's happened to my friends, it actually happens all the time. That's why I had to build this brand''.

I was never one to consider myself careless. But one night I was at a bar with friends and fell victim to theft. Someone had opened my purse and stole my phone, ID, and credit cards while the purse was on my shoulder!

I searched the bar for my belongings, and even checked 'Find My iPhone' to locate my phone, but by then it was too late.

Sadly I was one of over two million people a year that are victims of phone or bag theft.

Something needed to change.

We offer innovative and functional wearable technology that represents a hugely important road towards the empowerment of women around the world in our rapidly advancing society.

As a woman who loves to travel, both with my partner, with friends and even alone, I recognise the importance of both technology and safety, and I wanted to empower both myself and other women and reshape societal norms in the process.

Together we can redefine the narrative.

Our Story

I have a really active social life and with my previous job, had to travel a lot to Europe, Asia and beyond. 

After experiencing my own belongings being stolen and having friends all over the world, in London, NYC, Toyko, Barcelona and all over Europe, one thing we all have in common is either our bags and/or belongings have been stolen.

Either on a night out or being pickpocketed when travelling in a big city. 

I approached various technology manufacturers and found Lockus, who got to work developing and testing our proprietary smart-anti-theft technology.

It took over 5 years of vigorous testing and we are absolutely delighted with our final product.

Not only do our bags look beautiful and perform to a high functioning level for everyday use, but with our anti-theft features, we can finally live our lives knowing our belongings and bags are safe and secure, without compromising style! 

Our Mission

Smart. Secure. Style.

We have created stunningly high quality products that not only look and feel amazing, full of anti-theft features, but are all supported by our very friendly Rachel Bloom Mobile App so you always feel in control (iOS and Android). 

Using the finest full-grain pebbled leather we are absolutely thrilled to blend high-fashion with our properietary smart-anti-theft-technology. 

The future is now, and our bags appeal to women of all ages and demographics.