All orders are shipped from our distribution hub in Columbus, Ohio. 


International: DHL

USA: We offer free shipping for all orders in the USA. We also offer expedited shipping options, available to view at checkout.

UPS is our courier for all shipments in the USA.

International: All costs for international shipments are calculated at checkout.

DHL as our international courier. 

Please allow us 1-2 business days for the processing of your order. It's typically quicker but we're a popular brand!

We ship all orders from our distribution hub in Columbus, Ohio. You can choose your chosen method of shipment as per your requirements and we offer Expedited as well as Overnight shipping options. 

As we all know, shipping can sometimes not be a perfect process, please reach out to us at support@rachelbloom.com if you are having any issues with your shipment.

USA: For all shipments in the USA we use UPS.

International: For all international shipments we use DHL.

Your tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as the order is fulfilled. This is typically within 1-2 business days. You can either view the shipment status on the courier website or click here for updates.

Yes! We ship all over the world :-)

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USA: For all shipments in the USA we use UPS.

International: For all international shipments we use DHL.

Please note all orders are processed very quickly so please ensure you email all corrections to support@rachelbloom.com within 1 hour of ordering.

All orders shipped to the wrong address are the customer’s responsibility and Rachel Bloom will not be responsible for packages and/or additional fees that are associated with any shipment to an incorrect address.

Please contact our customer service team at support@rachelbloom.com if you receive a damaged product on delivery.

If the bag is damaged, you have 24 hours to contact our customer service department. We offer a one year warranty on the technology.

Packages that are either stolen, lost or undelivered are NOT our responsibility. If your package does not arrive within or after the estimated delivery time then you should contact UPS (if you're in the USA) or DHL (if you're outside the USA) to explain the situation and provide them with your tracking number.

Please also be aware that there may be rare occurrences where customs may delay the transit time of some packages. Please note we are not responsible for any unforeseen customs delays or charges. 

In this extremely unlikely case, please contact our customer support team at support@rachelbloom.com with your order number and we will immediately correct the issue.

If any of our items are out of stock, don't worry, we will be hurrily restocking! You can also Pre-Order any out of stock item, as well as sign-up to receive a notification as soon as the product is restocked.

If you did not receive a confirmation email with an order number, either you entered the incorrect email address when placing the order, or your order did not process in our system.

Please use the Contact Us page on the site to get in touch with us and we will look for the order and add the correct email address before resending confirmation.

You can also email us at support@rachelbloom.com

We, like most other brands, work super quickly to ship out all orders as soon as possible. However, if you can email or message us within an hour of purchase, it gives us a chance to cancel your order.

If we can't, you can cancel the order once you recieve your bag, but you will be responsible for all return shipping costs. Further, you will be refunded for your order minus shipping costs.

All discount codes and brand ambassador codes must be applied during checkout and purchase. We cannot add them retroactively, after the purchase has been made. 

To pair your bag to your phone simply navigate to the PAIR screen (this is the first screen you land on after signing-in to the Rachel Bloom app).

Press ‘Pair Bag’ in the top right corner or click the central button on the screen. If the bag doesn’t immediately appear please PRESS THE FINGERPRINT READER ON YOUR BAG 3 TIMES (lift your finger for one second before pressing again) then press the PAIR BAG button on the app again and you will see your bag appear.

Once you see your bag please click on the bag you wish to pair with so it’s highlighted, then simply press CONNECT. When you connect, you will be directed to your DASHBOARD where you can manage and control all of your Rachel Bloom smart bag features.


To add or remove fingerprints to your Rachel Bloom bag, simply navigate to your DASHBOARD in the Rachel Bloom app. You must be paired/connected to your bag to use this feature.

You will see a button labeled FINGERPRINTS. Simply click on this button then to add a new fingerprint press the + button. Once you enter your chosen name for this new fingerprint and press SAVE FINGERPRINT, you will see instructions on how to add your finger. 

Please place your desired finger on the fingerprint reader on your Rachel Bloom bag. Once you hear a beep it means that finger scan was successful. Please lift your finger for 2-3 seconds before placing it back on the fingerprint reader

Repeat this until you successfully scan your finger 5 times. Voila! Your fingerprint is stored.

If you see a light blue light, this means there was an error reading your fingerprint. Please lift your finger for 2-3 seconds and try again.

To delete this or any other fingerprint simply click on the saved fingerprint before pressing DELETE FINGERPRINT followed by YES.


To activate Distance Monitoring you simply toggle-on the DISTANCE MONITORING toggle on the DASHBOARD screen of your Rachel Bloom App.

Once toggled-on, if your bag breaches Bluetooth range, then the Distance Monitoring alarms on both the bag and your smartphone will activate and sound. 

This feature we hope will act as a deterrent in a potential theft situation but it also acts as a useful reminder to you, should you venture too far from your bag when out-and-about. 

If your Distance Monitoring alarms are activated you should receive notifications on your smartphone (firstly to inform you that you are close to breaching the Bluetooth range and secondly to inform you that this range has been breached). 

The alarm will automatically stop once you come back into range of the bag. Alternatively, you can use a programmed fingerprint on the fingerprint reader and/or press STOP ALERT

If however, you are unable to locate your bag and/or the bag is now outside of Bluetooth Range and subsequently disconnects from your smartphone, we strongly advise you to use the GPS tool on your Rachel Bloom App (if you purchased our integrated GPS feature). If you have an external tracking device in your bag, we recommend you login to this app to locate your bag.

To manually activate the alarm on your bag simply press the ‘ALERT’ button from the Dashboard in your Rachel Bloom App. This will sound the alarm on your bag only, as long as you are in Bluetooth Range.


If you lock your phone in your bag you can simply unlock the bag by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader on the bag, using your stored fingerprint.

If no fingerprint has been stored and you have locked your phone in your bag you can use a friends phone by following the same steps as seen in our How To videos.

If you have locked your phone in your bag and your bags battery is dead, please locate a micro-usb chord to recharge your bag for a minute or so, enabling you to open it.

Alternatively, you can contact us and we will try to assist you at support@rachelbloom.com

Yes! All Rachel Bloom bags have a layer of quality slash-resistant material built-in, making it difficult for someone to forcefully gain entry to your bag in a theft situation.

If you have the Rachel Bloom GPS please open the Rachel Bloom App to track the bag. If you have an external GPS device not provided by Rachel Bloom please login to this to track.

We very strongly recommend you DO NOT follow the thief (or thieves) alone and that you contact your local police whilst actively tracking the GPS.

If you do not have a GPS and can not locate your bag we recommend sounding the alarm, if you can pair with the bag (if the bag is in bluetooth range with your phone).

Please note Rachel Bloom is not responsible for any loss or theft of your bag and/or it's contents. Rachel Bloom is not responsible for any valuables or belongings inside the bag.

Yes you can. Firstly, your friend or family member needs to download the Rachel Bloom App (iOS or Android). 

Then, simply provide your friend or family member with your 6 digit pin that you set-up when logging in for the first time, and they will enter this pin AFTER they Pair with your bag.

In short, yes. However the secondary phone will need to enter the 6 digit pin code that the primary user has originally set, to pair successfully. 

For optimal use and to avoid any technical issues, we strongly recommend only one phone being paired to a bag at any one time.

The battery has been developed to last for weeks when the bag is out of use. If the bag is used daily, we recommend you charge your bag every day.

It typically takes ~3 hours to fully charge your Rachel Bloom bag (from empty) so we recommend charging as you would your other essential accessories, overnight.

Every Rachel Bloom Bag comes with a Micro-USB cable. Plug the cable into the charging port of the lock on the bag. The cable can be plugged into any plug or a computer that has a Micro-USB port.

We have added logic to our technology so that when your battery dies on your bag, the lock will unlock. This will give you a chance to retrieve things you need from your bag before locking and charging your bag.

Rachel Bloom offers a one year warranty on all of our bags. If there is a lock malfunction with your bag, email our customer service team at support@rachelbloom.com and we will do our very best to resolve your issue. Unfortunately, we do not offer replacements for issues/causes as stipulated in our Ts&Cs.

No, the technology is not removable.

The technology used for Rachel Bloom bags was and is designed and manufacturered in The USA and Canada. Visit Lockus if you are interested in licensing their technology for your brand.

We offer lock replacements at the cost of $100 (excluding shipping charges) after our 12 month warranty has expired. Please contact our customer service department at support@rachelbloom.com for more information.

If your Distance Monitoring function is toggled on via the Rachel Bloom app, and the sound alarms, there may be rare  occurrences that your Distance Monitoring Alarm continues to sound, even once you've come back into range and/or turned the Alert off via the app. 

If this is the case, please hard-close the app and re-connect to the bag.

Upon re-connecting, simply press 'Stop Alarm' and the alert will cease from sounding.

The fingerprint enclosures on the bag are water resistant but the leather is high-quality real leather so we recommend keeping dry.

To activate GPS firstly pair with the bag you wish to activate. Once paired, please click on the BAGS/GPS tab in the footer menu (3rd option). From the BAGS/GPS page you will see your paired bag. Click on Connect to GPS +

On this page you will see two options to connect your GPS device

Your first option allows you to manually enter the Device ID, (you can find this on the back of your GPS device). Please note we also sent you your Device ID in an email too. Your Device ID starts with the numbers 888. Once you manually enter your Device ID simply click REGISTER GPS DEVICE.

Your second option is to press Scan GPS QR. If you choose this option simply open the camera on your phone and scan the QR code as seen on the back of your GPS Device and this will auto-populate your Device ID. Once populated simply click REGISTER GPS DEVICE.

You will then be redirected to the BAGS/GPS page where you can click Track My Bag for a live map or satellite view of your bag's location. 

Note you do not have to be paired/connected to a bag to use your GPS.


The GPS fence is an invisible perimeter fence (default distance set to 50m (164 ft) that you can activate, for example when you are out with friends, that when breached, will send an alarm notification to your phone (as long as your phone still has battery life). This alarm should prompt you to look at the GPS map in the Rachel Bloom app so you can track your bag, making sure it hasn’t been stolen.

To activate your GPS Fence, simply click on the ‘Track My Bag’ button on the Bags/GPS page in the Rachel Bloom App. If you have multiple Rachel Bloom bags please ensure you click on the bag you wish to track. 

Once the GPS map is in view, please click the SHOW FENCE button. This button will automatically create the GPS Fence. As aforementioned, when this fence is breached, you will be notified via an alarm to your phone.

To turn this alarm off (deactivate), simply press HIDE FENCE and the alarm will cease to sound.


No, you do not have to be paired to your bag to connect to GPS. The GPS location is constantly pinging to your Rachel Bloom App so you can always have visibility (you must ensure your GPS Device is charged - if your GPS Device has no battery you will not receive live location updates).

Yes. The battery is very long lasting but we recommend you charge your GPS device fully before using it.

If you purchase one of our bags with our integrated GPS, the first 12 months (1 year) from your purchase date, GPS data is included. 

After 12 months, you will be charged $9.95 per month for continued data-usage (starting 12 months from the date of purchase) and you can cancel anytime by emailing us at support@rachelbloom.com

We have partnered with LandAirSea Systems and have a fully custom integration allowing us to power their technology into our app.

We use the LandAirSea Systems '54' Device in all of our bags that included GPS at purchase.

For more information please review our Privacy Policy and should you require further assistance please contact us at support@rachelbloom.com 

Please also review LandAirSea Privacy Policies:



Your GPS location should update every 3 seconds. This gives you every opportunity to track the bag if stolen but we very strongly recommend you DO NOT follow the thief (or thieves) alone and that you contact police assistance whilst actively tracking your GPS.

Yes! Please review the below User Guide to the LandAirSea 54 GPS device. Please note this link directs you to the LandAirSea website - 

LandAirSea GPS 54 Device - User Guide

Yes! Please see the below link for the LandAirSea 54 GPS device spec sheet. Please note this link will direct you to the LandAirSea website - 

LandAirSea 54 GPS Device - Spec Sheet